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Proudly providing Commercial and Residential Lawn Service and Property Maintenance Services in parts of Hunterdon County and Warren County, New Jersey!

                         P R O F E S S I O N A L

Fresh Mulch can make every property look it's best. At Jersey Lawn and Yard, we are meticulous when it comes to installing Mulch for our customers.

We use a top quality, triple ground, locally sourced Mulch for every job. We take just as much pride in the quality of the Mulch we use, as we do the quality of our services for every customer.​​

​Let Jersey Lawn and Yard handle the dirty work.

A well maintained Lawn can make every property look it's best.

At Jersey Lawn and Yard, we pride ourselves in our ability to make every customer's lawn look its best. 

We are committed to enhancing our customers most important space by exceeding their lawn service needs and expectations, with quality, reliability and value.

Take back your weekend! Let Jersey Lawn and Yard do what we do best.